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At each year's Annual General Meeting for the Rowing Section, half of our Rowing Executive is voted in to serve a two-year term. The Executive is comprised of rowing members who are volunteers and their mandate is to act in the best interest of the Rowing Section with any action undertaken. The Executive's main function is the smooth operation of the Section within the Vancouver Rowing Club. It determines the direction of the Section in terms of equipment purchase, fund raising and community initiatives.

Any current member of the Vancouver Rowing Club and Rowing Section may run for a position and vote at the AGM. Rowing Executive meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month. Any member with an interest may attend these meetings by bringing forward issues to be added  to the agenda.

Executive positions and descriptions are described below. 

Section Executive Responsibilities and Duties by Position

  • Setting Section Fee Schedule

  • Setting LTR Fee Schedule

  • Approving Section Budget

  • Setting AGM dates and finding candidates to run

  • Setting Executive Meeting dates

  • Review and update of Executive Policies and Section Bylaws

  • Attending and participating in the meetings and activities of the Section

CAPTAIN (Betsy Segal)


  • Give leadership and guidance to the Section, including but not limited to matters of Policy and general well being

  • Schedule and chair all meetings of the Section

  • Call meetings of the Executive Committee

  • Obtain nominations for the election of Executive Committee Officers at the Annual General meeting by appointing a Committee of two Section members and a Chairperson

  • Oversee all aspects of rowing programs

  • Mediate and resolve any disputes between members.

  • Implement and oversee the strategic goals of the Section as recommended by the Strategic Planning Committee or other body with the assistance of the Vice-Captain of Operations and the Rowing Liaison

  • Liaise with the Parks Board and other authorities

  • Coordinate Alumni activities



  • Act as custodian of all records, archives, documents and publications of the Section except those to be kept by the Section Treasurer or the Club

  • Keep minutes of all meetings of the Section and distribute these minutes to the other members of the Executive Committee and the Club Manager

  • Issue notice of meetings of the Executive Committee

  • Maintain a Membership Manual

TREASURER (Melissa Bryden)

  • Perform financial planning and risk management for the Section

  • Coordinate and account for membership dues and all fund raising activities

  • Record all receipts and disbursements of Section funds

  • Submit an accurate financial statement to the Club Treasurer at the date established by the Club at year-end and any interim statements as required by the Club

  • Cooperate with and inform the Executive Committee of major financial matters concerning the Section

  • Arrange for financial statements to be available for the Executive Committee

  • Prepare and administer yearly budgets and quarterly reviews for the Section

  • Coordinate LTR finances

  • Coordinate infrastructure replacement



  • Maintain a membership list

  • Develop community

  • Introduce new members to the Section

  • Distribute the Section Constitution, Section Rules, and Membership Manual

  • Coordinate with the parents of Junior Members

  • Organize membership drives



  • Coordinate Coaches and Programs

  • Oversee the Coordinator of LTR programs

  • Oversee payroll of Coaches

  • Coordinate regatta participation

  • Assist the Captain and Rowing Liaison with the implementation of strategic goals



  • Represent the Section to the Club Board

  • Represent Club to Rowing BC and Rowing Canada Aviron

  • Review Bylaws and Policies no less than once per year

  • Oversee inter-club relations

  • Act as disciplinarian of the Section and its members

  • Assist the Captain and Vice-Captain of Operations with the implementation of strategic goals

EQUIPMENT MANAGER (Co-Managers Lauren Moffat (voting) & Tristan Montano (non-voting))


  • Maintain all equipment and infrastructure belonging to the Section

  • Maintain an Equipment Log Book

  • Provide yearly budgets for maintenance to be performed for all equipment

  • Organize volunteer groups for the upkeep of the shell bays and equipment, and to assist in all other aspects of maintenance

  • Manage the Boat Acquisition Plan and Replacement Plan

  • Manage the private boat policies

  • Maintain the Ergometers

  • Coordinate with the Safety Officer in respect of the maintenance and replacement of equipment and infrastructure bleonging to the Section



  • Act as Section Editor of the ROAR

  • Communicate between members and the Executive Committee through email and the ROAR

  • Inform the membership of Club developments that will affect the section through email and the ROAR

  • Inform the members of Section activities

  • Coordinate social events and fundraising

  • Update and maintain the Section's web presence

  • Oversee public funding and grants, including applications for funding and grants

  • Communicate with other bodies as directed by the Executive Committee

SAFETY OFFICER (Desiree Luebkemann)


  • Advise the Executive Committee in respect of safety procedures for the Section

  • Oversee inventory of safety equipment, including, but not limited to, first aid equipment and personal floatation devices

  • Conduct a Section safety review at least once per year and provide recommendations to the Executive Committee

  • Implement all safety provisions and plans for the Section

  • Coordinate with the Club to maintain the docks

  • Maintain the coach launches and motors

  • Coordinate with the Equipment Manager in respect of the maintenance and replacement of equipment and infrastructure belonging to the Section