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The VRC Recreational Centres Society (VRC RCS) is the charitable organization responsible for the preservation of our officially designated heritage building located at the entrance to Stanley Park.  The architectural jewel of a building was designed by JW Keagey and built in 1911 in the rustic Tudor style. 

Annual projects of renewal, refurbishment and replacement for the landmark building and associated equipment, including structural work, as well as interior and exterior work, ensure that the club facility endures and exhibits the appropriate dignity and decorum of an historic site near to the heart of downtown Vancouver.

The historic  integrity of the building through renovations and restorations is artfully managed by our architect of record, Dimas Craveiro, a member of the Vancouver Rowing Club, in conjunction with the VRC House Committee, which sets goals and prioritizes renewal, refurbishment and replacement projects for completion. 

Due to its charitable organization status donations to the VRC RCS qualify for a Canada Revenue Agency tax deduction.  Donations can be made by members of the Vancouver Rowing Club, non-members or corporations.  Cheques must be made payable to VRC RCS, not the Vancouver Rowing Club.  The donor's address should appear on the cheque in order to arrange for a donation receipt to be mailed to the donor.

To qualify for the current tax year, donations must be received at the Club Office by December31st. 
Online donations accepted here

David Ginnever
Treasurer, VRC RCS, Past President, Past Commodore