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BOOKING & PAYMENT:  A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking and is payable upon signing the event contract. The full payment is due two weeks prior to the event. Host bar and any additional costs will be invoiced following the event, credit card must be on file.  

Booking Periods:

Monday to Thursday
Daytime 8:30am – 4:30pm
Evening 5:00pm – 1:00 am

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
12:00pm - 1:00am (12:00am Sundays)

DECORATING:  Absolutely NO nails, tacks, staples or tape may be used on the walls or ceilings for any purpose. Hooks are situated around the top edge of the walls for your convenience.  All decorations must be approved by the event manager before installation, and must be removed immediately after the event.  Decorations hung from ceiling and walls must be removed by staff for safety reasons (additional charges apply).

DAMAGE:  All groups are to maintain good order on the premises and are liable for damage beyond normal wear and tear. The VRC reserves the right to inspect and control all private functions.  Cost for damage to the premises will be charged accordingly to the rental group.  The VRC will not be held responsible for damage to or loss of any personal property and/or equipment left at the VRC prior to, during or following any events. C onfetti and other loose materials are not permitted (additional cleaning charge will apply).

PRESS & MEDIA COVERAGE:  Any and all literature, press releases and advertisements must be approved by VRC management before release.

SECURITY:  Rental groups will be responsible for the conduct of all guests while on the premises of the Vancouver Rowing Club. The VRC may require that rental groups provide their own security staff.

BAR SERVICE:  Bar Service is available until 1:00am (12:00am on Sundays & Holidays).  Minors are only permitted on the premises in designated areas. No outside alcohol may be brought in and/or consumed. No non-alcoholic beverages are too be brought in and/or served on premise without management’s consent.  All beverage chits are subject to applicable taxes, followed by a 15% gratuity/service charge. The bar must close in accordance with Liquor Control Board regulations.

CATERING:   All events serving food are to use our in house catering service.  The VRC will supply serving staff for all food-related service.  No outside food will be allowed in the club.

SOCAN: (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) requires that the users of music obtain a SOCAN license to perform, or authorize others to perform, copyright music in public. To ensure that the appropriate license is, in fact, in place, the policy of the Vancouver Rowing Club is to collect and remit the required fee to SOCAN.  Please note that the use of copyright music without a valid SOCAN may lead to a legal action for copyright infringement under the Copyright Act of Canada. In accordance with SOCAN Tariff No. 8.

• All event details must be confirmed one month prior to the event
• Limited coat check facilities are available, but must be manned by the rental group. The club accepts no responsibility for any items lost or stolen.
• The rental group may not use the Member only bar facilities
• No pets on the premises
• Guests are permitted on the upper patio deck but not on the lower deck or float areas unless accompanied by a member of the Club.
• Pay parking is in affect throughout Stanley Park. The VRC lot is tow-away zone for non-members.