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Moorage at the Vancouver Rowing Club is available to active VRC Yachting members only and is assigned with regard to membership seniority within the Yachting Section. 

  • The current annual Yachting membership fee is $635.67 (+ $100 appication fee for new member applicants)

  • The moorage year runs from April 1st to March 31st.  All moorage is paid on an annual basis (quartelry payment option is available upon renewal, administration fees apply)

  • Moorage may be cancelled at any time, refunds will be calculated and processed once slip has been reassigned

  • Electricity is metered and billed monthly on actual usage (please note the club is billed using commercial hydro rates)

Moorage Rate

(greater of boat length or berth length)


  • All moorage members are required to post a $1,000 moorage deposit, that will be held for the term of their moorage.  Deposits will be refunded upon vacating moorage in good standing.

Requirements for seeking moorage at the VRC:

  • Must be an active VRC Yachting member

  • Proof of ownership / license / registration,  all partners (other than spousal) must also be current VRC Yachting members

  • Proof of insurance

  • Current VRC Safety Inspection

  • Parking permit will not be provided until all documentation is submitted and payment of fees and deposit is received.

Please review the moorage assignment criteria, moorage rules & regulations, moorage agreement, club privacy policy and other policies.  Complete the moorage waitlist application form and submit to  For more information please contact the club office (604) 687-3400.


"Living Aboard" and "Live Aboard" means use of the boat as a place of abode while at the marina by one or more persons for more than sixty consecutive or non-consecutive days during a calendar year"