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The sport of rowing exposes you to the elements. Sun, rain, hail, snow, wind... you name it and we will row in it. Therefore it is important that you dress for the weather!!!

Wear high vis (neon) clothing while you are on the water.  We share the waterway with many other users and we need to be as bright as possible to be seen!

Fabrics that should be worn include fleece, dry fit, poly-based fabric. Please DO NOT wear cotton. Cotton gets wet, sticks to skin and cools you off TOO rapidly!

You are required to carry a whistle, life jacket and wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. It is suggested to always carry water with you, especially during the summer season.

During summer, most rowers tend to wear tighter fitting t-shirts/tank tops and spandex-type shorts.  If it is a hot day, you will need a baseball cap, sunnies and some super-sunscreen! 

For winter rowing the number one rule is - NO COTTON!  Cotton just gets wet and makes you colder!  Try some breathable materials or blends.  Most rowers tend to wear layers, so as they warm up on the water, they can take a few layers off!  You will also want to purchase POGIES!!  They are fleece mittens that fit over your hands AND the oar to allow you to feel what you are doing and keep your hands toasty.  You can purchase pogies online or you can purchase a pair from VRC rower Dale Wikaruk, Sunday Masters program.  

For VRC rowers who want to order Uni-Suits in our colours for regattas please contact ROWWEST (BC-Based)

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