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The Yachting Section maintains four outstations for member use: Saltspring Island GangesSilva Bay Marina, Otter Bay Marina, Union Steamship Marina in Snug Cove (Bowen Island) and the Pender Harbour Resort and Marina.   Note: Snug Cove is only available from October 15 through April 15 each year; Silva Bay, Pender Harbour and Ganges are available year-round. Outstations are for the exclusive use of Active Yachting Section members in good standing (member not vessel) (Social Membership does not qualify).
Please note and observe the following Guidelines for Outstation Use.
  1. Length of Stay - Three consecutive nights per individual visit on an honour system. Mid-week, off-season or other non-busy times, stay may be extended a reasonable time or until another member arrives requesting moorage.
  2. Registration - A sign-in book will be located at the marina office/gas float. Members must sign this book and show their current membership card and fly the VRC burgee while moored at the dock. If these criteria cannot be met, moorage will be denied. This procedure must be followed each time a vessel arrives at the facility.
  3. Responsibility
    1. Be prepared to show your membership card.  Members who find non-members moored at our facility or boats flying the VRC burgee who are non-members, should inform the marina staff. Ask them to confirm membership of the people involved, and if necessary have them moved to another slip. If you don't have your membership card and burgee with you, don't argue with staff or other members; you must move.
    2. Report any damage or unsafe condition of the facility to the marina staff for attention or repair, and also report them to the VRC (Rear Commodore).
    3. Moor at our facility only; we mustn't creep into another club's facility.
    4. The moorage is for the exclusive use of active Yachting Section members in good standing. The member must be in attendance of their vessel while it is moored at the outstation.  The moorage is not to be used by crews of a particular vessel if the owner/member is not on board, nor is it available to friends of club members. These vessels will be moved and a report sent to the Club for appropriate action.
    5. These facilities are for the enjoyment of all active Yachting Section members. Therefore members are asked to act in a polite and responsible manner.
  4. Etiquette
    1. Pull in and tie-up as far in as possible to allow others to come in behind you.
    2. Due to limited space and power, there may be a need to raft, share power, or even to juggle boat positions to allow for a member's early departure. The key is communication: talk to your neighbours and see what you can work out together.
    3. Be considerate with respect to noise generation. Others may have a different idea of what a "good time" is, so if your neighbours aren't invited to the party, please ensure it doesn't disturb them. And gensets should not be run while at the dock.
    4. Members must raft if requested to do so by a member, except at the Pender Harbour Resort outstation where rafting is not permitted
    5. If you are rafted, confirm with the boat you are rafted to whether they prefer you cross over their bow or stern. If not practical to do so (perhaps you arrived late, or they appear to not be there) cross over the bow; and do it quietly.

The following maps are provided for guidance, not for navigation purposes, courtesy of
Silva Bay Marina

Pender Harbour Resort & Marina

Granges Marina

Union Steamship Marina, Bowen Island