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The Jokers Hockey Club was founded in 1964 by Victor Warren, DK Fraser, Joost Wolsak and John Young. They were a group of players from university who wanted to continue playing after they graduated but couldn't find a social club in Vancouver - and so the Jokers were born.

DK came up with the name "Jokers", Joost (being Dutch) came up with the orange color for the uniforms, John designed the logo and Victor "just made it all happen". We've been proudly wearing orange and that logo and calling ouselves Jokers ever since.

Following a mixed tournament in 1967, Jokers did the honourable thing and allowed ladies to join the club (after much arm twisting by the female contingent).

After a decade of running the Jokers from members' basements and various bars around the city, the Jokers joined the Vancouver Rowing Club in 1974 after much work by Stuart Wilson, the Jokers President at the time.

The Jokers have been heavily involved in Field Hockey BC and Field Hockey Canada ove rthe years, and have had many Olympian and national players wearing the Jokers uniform.

Today, the legacy is still strong. We have success on the field, a lot of fun off it.

We have a mix of Vancouverites and Canadians from across the country, as well as a rich variety of members from around the world. We love meeting new people and welcoming them into the Jokers family.

For more information about how the Jokers came to be, please read Our History.


"When I first arrived in Vancouver, I was counting on field hockey to meet friends and build a social life here. Unfortunately, I didn't find the Jokers right away and although the team I played for were very nice, it was very different from what I was used to. There was no socializing after our games or practices and no team social events over the holidays. Luckily for me, I discovered Jokers drop-in the following summer and I never looked back. The amount of wonderful pepole I have met through this club never ceases to amaze me. We play hockey in the true spirit of the game, share a strong camraderie off the field and the opportunities to travel the world with these amazing people are a huge bonus. I feel very fortunate to be part of this hockey family and I would encourage anyone who enjoys team sports, adventures and good company to pick up a stick and join us!"
Victoria Bryan (Bedfordshire, England)
Joker from 2000
"An old teammate from my hockey club in Edinburgh had played with the Jokers while he was in Vancouver for a couple years, so I got in touch almost as soon as I arrived. Jokers are by far the most fun hockey club in Vancouver, whether it's beer and banter after the match, or the regular social events at the clubhouse. In summer, the views north from Hamber are only beaten by the glistening water and city views from the clubhouse. Due to injury I barely played this year (2014).  Still worth every penny, and that's coming from a Scotsman."
Neil Salmond (Edinburgh, UK)
Joker form 2011
"I moved to Vancouver at the start of summer in 2014. I was not planning on playing hockey but, as is often the way, I met a Joker at the pub randomly and as they say, the rest is history. Having played my first season, I can honestly say that playing for the Jokers has been one of the most enjoyable things I have done since moving to Vancouver. If not for the hockey, but for drinking beers on the patio at the Rowing Club! If you are moving to Vancouver and are looking for a relaxed atmosphere to play some hockey and integrate into Vancouver life, then the Jokers is the place for you."
Rob Porter (Apsley, Victoria, Australia)
Joker from 2014
"The Jokers reputation goes far beyond Canadian shores. I had heard how amazing it was before I even arrived in Vancouver, so obviously didn't see the need to look anywhere else. The whole club is so welcoming and I immediately felt right at home. Players of all standards are welcomed and it's a fantastic way for a newbie to meet great friends. The social nights out are obviously an added bonus, not to mention the best deck in Vancouver."
Roisin Flinn (Limerick, Ireland)
Joker from 2012
"I joined Vancouver Rowing Club as a rugby player in my first summer here in Vancouver. I was invited to come to field hockey summer drop-in by one of the guys. Having not played hockey in around ten years, I figured why not. Drop-in hockey with the Jokers is 'the most fun you can have fully clothed.' From that summer I made friends that I am certain I will have forever, from many different countries. The Club has a great atmosphere and the clubhouse has the best deck in the city to grab a beer on. What else is there to say? To wear the Jokers' orange you have to have a certain sense of humour, but everyone that does has a great heart and a great spirit for the game."
Andrew Davies (Alton, England)
Joker from 2008